Traffic Jam Tee Shirt

Designer: Beach and Barn


Your bags are packed, the cooler is iced, and the kids have already plowed through the last of the snacks. You even left the house early. According to the GPS, you should be on the beach holding a coconut with a straw in it in exactly 2 hours - but you know you can beat that with intense focus and no bathroom breaks. 

Unfortunately, right on the outskirts of that little Podunk Beach Town™ you are headed to is a Podunk Farm Town, and the rules are just different out there. Kids riding up and down the frontage road on 4 wheelers with no helmets? Check. Heavy agricultural equipment on a busy highway intended for passenger and light pedestrian traffic? By all means. Are We There Yet is a throwback to those days you were shoved into the back of a station wagon with a busted air conditioner, in a bench seat facing backwards, with only one mission. Get. To. The. Beach. The cotton/viscose blend will keep you cool and comfortable while you wait….patiently. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Standard Unisex Fit