Split Shot

Designer: Oakley

Black Ink Deep Water OO9416-3564
Matte Black PRIZM Sapphire OO9416-3164
Matte Black Camo PRIZM Ruby OO9416-3264
Matte Carbon PRIZM Black OO9416-0264
Matte Brown Tortoise PRIZM Tungsten OO9416-0364
Matte Translucent Blue PRIZM Sapphire OO9416-0464
Matte Black PRIZM Deep Water OO9416-0664
Woodgrain PRIZM Deep Water OO9416-1664
Matte Black PRIZM Black OO9416-2464
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The ultimate eyewear for the waterman, this hat-compatible, high wrap frame with a detachable leash gives you a wide view of the world that’s designed to block glare.