Designer: Costa

Shiny Black BLUE MIRROR 580G 06S9010 90100161
Shiny Black GREEN MIRROR 580 06S9010 90100261
Shiny Black GRAY 580P 06S9010 90100361
Matte Smoke Crys GREEN MIRROR 580 06S9010 90100461
Matte Smoke Crystal BLUE MIRROR 580P 06S9010 90100461
Matte Smoke Crystal GRAY SILVER MIRROR 580P 06S9010 90100561
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With a fresh look and more coverage, Rincondo is a sturdy-styled frame with all the function of its well-loved cousins, Rincon and Rinconcito. Its rounded polarized lens shape and one-of-a-kind wrap will make your next sun-drenched trip even easier to enjoy.