Radar EV Path

Designer: Oakley

Hi Res Carbon PRIZM Black OO9208-D338
Polished White PRIZM Road OO9208-05
Polished White Fire Iridium OO9208-16
Polished Black PRIZM Golf OO9208-44
Matte Black PRIZM Road OO9208-4638
Polished White PRIZM Snow OO9208-4738
Matte Black PRIZM Black OO9208-5138
Polished Black PRIZM Black OO9208-5238
Matte Black PRIZM Deep Water OO9208-5538
Polished White PRIZM Sapphire OO9208-5738
Polished White PRIZM Jade OO9208-7138
Polished White PRIZM Ruby OO9208-7238
Polished White PRIZM Sapphire OO9208-7338
Matte Black Clear Vented OO9208-7438
Grey Ink PRIZM Road Black OO9208-8238
Matte Black PRIZM Trail Torch OO9208-9038
Polished White PRIZM Black OO9208-9438
Matte Black PRIZM Snow Sapphire OO9208-9738
Steel PRIZM Road Jade OO9208-A138
Matte Black Camo PRIZM Deep Water OO9208-C038

Our original Radar® eyewear combined everything we learned from decades of research with the world’s best athletes, and with the taller lens of Radar EV and its extended range of view in the upper peripheral region, the heritage of performance has a new milestone.