Holbrook TI

Designer: Oakley

Satin Gold PRIZM Black OO6048-0757
Satin Pewter PRIZM Tungsten OO6048-0857
Satin Chrome PRIZM Black OO6048-0157
Satin Black PRIZM Black OO6048-0257
Satin Toast PRIZM Tungsten OO6048-0357
Matte Gunmetal PRIZM Sapphire OO6048-0457

Oakley®’s Holbrook Ti evolves the Holbrook design with a razor-thin, lightweight titanium frame. This style is constructed from premium titanium that showcases Oakley’s large, square frame Holbrook design. The sunglass features Prizm™ Lens Technology designed to enhance color and contrast, while a three-point fit helps provide all-day comfort.