Designer: Oakley

Matte Black Camo PRIZM Deep Water OO9449-2360
Matte Grey Smoke PRIZM Tungsten OO9449-2460
X-Silver PRIZM Black OO9449-2260
Polished Black PRIZM Grey OO9449-0160
Polished Rootbeer PRIZM Bronze OO9449-0260
Matte Black PRIZM Black OO9449-0360
Polished Clear PRIZM Sapphire OO9449-0460
Black Ink PRIZM Ruby OO9449-0560
Matte Black PRIZM Black OO9449-0660
Matte Black PRIZM Sapphire OO9449-1260
Matte Black PRIZM Jade OO9449-1560
Matte Black PRIZM Deep Water OO9449-1660
Steel PRIZM Sapphire OO9449-1760
Matte Black PRIZM Tungsten OO9449-1860

Wrapped in style, Gibston is the latest high-wrap frame from Oakley®. The modern frame design offers full protection loaded with features that perform.