Designer: Oakley

Satin Black PRIZM Grey Gradient OO4079-4559
Rose Gold PRIZM Brown Gradient OO4079-4659
Satin Rose Gold PRIZM Rose Gold OO4079-4459
Rose Gold VR50 Brown Gradient OO4079-01
Rose Gold Brown Gradient OO4079-14
Rose Gold PRIZM Tungsten OO4079-3159
Polished Chrome PRIZM Sapphire OO4079-3359
Polished Black PRIZM Black OO4079-3459
Polished Gold PRIZM Rose Gold OO4079-3759
Satin Gold PRIZM Violet OO4079-3959
Polished Chrome PRIZM Grey Gradient OO4079-4059
Polished Gold PRIZM Brown Gradient OO4079-4159

For the first time, we blended the beauty of a C5-wire front with the warm tones of an acetate stem – making it the first wire frame sunglass that is truly designed for the active woman.