Designer: Costa

Matte Tortoise Gray Silver Mirr
Matte Tortoise Rose Gradient 58
Salt Marsh Grey Gradient 580G
Salt Marsh Copper Silver Mirror 580G
Matte Tortoise Blue Mirror 580G
Matte Tortoise Gray 580G
Matte Tortoise Green Mirror 580G
Shiny Black Kelp Blue Mirror 580G
Matte Gray Crystal Blue Mirror 580G
Shiny Deep Teal Fade Gray Silver Mirror 580G
Tortoise Gold Mirror 580G

Those who have been to Sullivan’s Island know how to unwind. So naturally, Sullivan was designed with a slow-down, kick-back kind of style and 100% UV protection polarized lens that still manages to grab attention along with its water-inspired acetate designs. Hit the beach, look out over the waves, and leave the tension to your fishing line.

Sunglasses inspired by a life on the water, colors, patterns and textures that capture the spirit of the sea. And because they come with 580G lenses, you'll be able to soak up every detail while you're soaking up the sun.