Tuna Alley

Designer: Costa

Blackout Sunrise Silver M
Crystal Blue Mirror 580P
Blackout Blue Mirror 580G
Blackout Green Mirror 580
Tortoise Green Mirror 580
Ocearch Matte Ti Green Mirror 580
Steel Gray Metal Blue Mirror 580G
Crystal Blue Mirror 580G
Tiger Shark Green Mirror 580G
Blackout Gray 580P
Blackout Blue Mirror 580P
Matte Black Gray 580P
Matte Black Blue Mirror 580G
Matte Black Green Mirror 580G
White Blue Mirror 580G
Tortoise Green Mirror 580P
Matte Black Blue Mirror 580P
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Named after the legendary 15-mile stretch of sand cutting through the deep blue Bahamian waters where the Bluefin tuna migrate north, these Costa angler sunglasses are created to uncover and showcase the famous, underwater fish highway. With integral hinges, a patented vent system, polarized and made from tough-as-nails nylon, these men's performance fishing sunglasses won't be missing much.